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Listen to the full podcast interview with John Gibson, President and Director of Operations at Swingle Lawn, Tree & Landscape Care, to hear more about his experience with Panorama.


Listen to a podcast interview with Stanley Alpert, Former Director of IT at Ashcroft Inc., to hear more about his experience with Panorama on his company’s ERP selection project.


Featured Client Testimonials

TJ RikliWhen we started this project, even with my technical background, realized we needed professional assistance with an ERP selection. We went into this engagement in need of an outside voice for guidance. You outlined our options, attached the value to each and then let us decide what was best for us and we didn’t feel at any point you were trying to push additional services on us.

There are a lot of expensive solutions out there and being a non-profit financial resources were
definitely on our minds and even for a small organization we have complex processes. However, with the right amount of professionalism and fun, your consultants were able to come in, connect with our team and understand our processes quickly. With your input, we were able to get buy in from our staff, who were already frustrated with our current solution, and select a solution that works for everyone. You were worth it!

TJ Rikli
MOPS International

Tim Linstrom, Senior Manager – Business Systems IntegrationWe engaged Panorama Consulting to perform a two stage analysis in a very short period of time. The first was to recommend an ERP system that fit our business needs. Starz Entertainment was well underway with this process to the point of reviewing vendor proposals. Panorama was asked to review documentation describing our business processes, review the RFP responses for accuracy and truthfulness, and use their knowledge and contacts to provide a detailed analysis and recommendation.

We learned very quickly that Panorama could adapt to our requests and provide a quality product on time. They were very good. Panorama threw a number of people at our project, analyzed our documentation, learned our business processes, and provided us a comprehensive analysis and recommendation for the ERP system that we ultimately selected. Their analysis of the implementers was also on time and on target.

Tim Linstrom, Senior Manager – Business Systems Integration
Starz Entertainment

Ann M. Vullo, Director of Information ServicesI feel privileged to write a reference letter for Panorama Consulting Solutions in regard to both its methodology approach and the quality of its consultants.

I worked with Panorama consultants throughout the entire software selection process. For our company, it was important to not only document our processes, but also to improve our processes, prior to implementing a software package. Panorama consultants traveled to our site several times and conducted sessions with our team to ensure we captured all of our key requirements. In addition, they facilitated workshops that enabled us to define and optimize our business processes to align with our company goals and position us for future growth. Through business process management, we were able to provide desired processes to the software vendor. This enabled us to mitigate our risk and reduced our overall costs by implementing our software solution 20 percent faster than anticipated.

Implementing a software package can be a difficult process with many associated risks. The Panorama team helped us address the risks and positioned us for a successful implementation. It is not only important to take the appropriate steps when selecting a software vendor, but to have an unbiased partner you trust help guide you through the process. I highly recommend Panorama as a trusted partner for all ERP software projects.

Ann M. Vullo, Director of Information Services
Memory Suppliers, Inc.

Dennis A. Lonigro, VP of EngineeringI am pleased to write this testimonial regarding United Electric Control’s experience with Panorama Consulting Solutions for our ERP system selection process.

United Electric’s ERP Team was pleased and impressed with both the methodology and people we dealt with throughout the project. Their knowledge and experience was extremely helpful as they guided us throughout our system selection process. They were very thorough and flexible in developing a plan that suited our needs and unique requirements. The planned work and process were spelled out in detail in our contract and the statement of work objectives and expectations were met in full. I was most impressed with Panorama’s flexibility in adapting to UE’s specific needs and occasional variations in project pacing. They showed professionalism in all dealing with us and the members of various ERP system companies; taking into account company size, styles, and personalities. A major PCS contribution in this project was its overall guidance and recommendations during the ERP vendor product demonstrations and final contract review and specification.

Dennis A. Lonigro, VP of Engineering
United Electric Controls Company, Inc.

Johannes Mulder, Director ITPanorama's ERP Perfect Fit selection methodology and their knowledge of organizational change, standardization, technology alignment and of the ERP marketplace have been cornerstones for starting to realize our goal of global operations supported by a single ERP platform.

Johannes Mulder, Director IT
Medela, Inc.

Stefanie Bradley, Project ManagerOverall, Panorama was a tremendous contributor to the success of our final selection and during the negotiation stage of our ERP solution project. They work with the highest level of honesty and integrity and the quality of their work consistently exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend them and any resource that they offer.

Stefanie Bradley, Project Manager

We likely could not have successfully implemented our project but for the assistance of Panorama.

Masila Petroleum Exploration and Production Company

Bill Moore, Vice President of Enterprise ImprovementMAXON had had very poor experiences with consultants in the past. I believe that Panorama went a long way to improving the image of consultants everywhere. The big difference that I saw was the usefulness of your deliverables. We saw that your deliverables were actionable, which is something they were missing from consultants in the past.

Bill Moore, Vice President of Enterprise Improvement
MAXON Lift Corporation

Serge Poirier, CFOPanorama took the time to understand our business and delivered excellent work.

Serge Poirier, CFO
PakWest Paper and Packaging

Jason LaChance, CFOPanorama’s process for identifying long list/short list solutions selection was effective and reflected a clear understanding of our company’s requirements.

Jason LaChance, CFO
dpiX LLC

Nick Macera, CIOPanorama was key to making Samsonite’s ERP software selection and organizational change management initiatives successful. Their ERP expertise and methodologies are unparalleled.

Nick Macera, CIO
Samsonite Corporation

John Gibson, President and Director of OperationsI can’t imagine doing our ERP software selection and implementation project without the help of Panorama.

John Gibson, President and Director of Operations
Swingle Lawn, Tree & Landscape Care

Tom Tolkacz, CEOWe are pleased to award Panorama Consulting Group with our 2007 Vendor of the Year Award.

Tom Tolkacz, CEO
Swingle Lawn, Tree & Landscape Care

Stanley G. Alpert, Former Director of ITPanorama's selection methodology was structured and comprehensive ensuring that all appropriate elements required for a successful selection process were considered and effectively executed. At the same time Panorama's approach was flexible enough to take into account the specific characteristics of our business so that activities could be adjusted where needed to optimize examining the appropriate fit between our company and the new ERP systems being evaluated. While managing the process, Panorama's staff displayed a high level of professionalism and attention to detail and its coordination of the varied activities between our company resources and prospective vendors was critical to keeping the project on track.

Stanley G. Alpert, Former Director of IT
Ashcroft Inc.

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