Government Software

Government and public sector organizations have many unique requirements that differentiate them from non-government organizations (NGOs) and must be addressed by their ERP systems. Financials, procurement, tax and revenue management, customer and stakeholder portals, and full system integration are all key requirements. In addition, government ERP solutions typically augment traditional ERP offerings with many specific functions, including compliance, security and fiscal accountability.

But when it comes to government IT projects, budgets are slim, expectations are high and the possibility of a highly publicized failure always looms. With these pressures at the forefront, it’s critical that public-sector organizations make the right decisions before, during and after an ERP implementation or upgrade.

Using our proprietary independent verification and validation (IV&V) risk mitigation methodologies, Panorama provides a complete service offering that can assist federal, state, county and city government agencies throughout the process of ERP selectionERP implementation and organizational change management.

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Panorama government clients include Cook County, Illinois and the city of Charlotte, North Carolina.

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