Comparison Between SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics

Below is data collected from our 2012 research study, Clash of the Titans: An Independent Comparison of SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics. In this study, we compared selection rates, implementation cost, duration and benefits of leading Tier I ERP vendors. The following table contains a summary of some of the more interesting findings. A more detailed analysis of our ERP research and benchmark data is available to our clients.

ERP Software Vendors by Tier

ERP Packages
ERP Packages
Microsoft Dynamics
Market Share24%18%11%
Rates of Being Short-listed38%32%24%
Selection Rates When Short Listed19%22%14%
Satisfaction Rates39%80%33%
Implementation Duration13 months11 months14 months
Percentage of customers who realize payback within one to three years57%51%74%
Percentage of Customers who Realized Payback in Less Than Three Years69%60%84%
Delta Between Planned Project Costs and Actual Project Costs 8% ($19 million planned vs. $20.6 million actual)15% ($1.4 million planned vs. $1.6 million actual)14% ($408,000 planned vs. $464,000 actual)
Percentage of Customers who Realized Less Than 60-percent of Anticipated Business Benefits 67%63%76%
Percentage of Customers who Realized More Than 60-percent of Anticipated Business Benefits 33%37%24%
Disclaimer: For illustrative purposes only. Assessment for your unique needs may vary based on specific business processes and requirements. You will want to develop more detailed requirements as part of your software evaluation and selection process.