Choosing an ERP Implementation Partner

Evaluate the third-party ERP implementation partners your organization is considering with the following checklist. Simply fill the questionnaire out for every firm on your long-list by making a check by each statement that you know to be true.

☐  The firm is wholly independent and makes no commissions from ERP vendors.

☐  The firm partners with top-level ERP technical service and support providers to provide solution-specific expertise.

☐  The firm’s methodologies are internally developed, proprietary and based on experience.

☐  The firm provides deep, cross-functional training for its consultants on its methodologies prior to staffing them on client engagements.

☐  The firm leverages cross-industry best practices in every ERP implementation with which it is involved.

☐  The firm is a cultural fit with my organization.

☐  The firm brings diverse opinions, skill sets and experiences to bear in each project team.

☐  The firm has an understanding of global business success.

☐  The firm has international experience.

☐  The firm offers a full menu of ERP software selection, implementation, organizational change management, business process reengineering, IT strategy and project recovery services.

☐  The firm leverages a comprehensive, 360-degree approach to ERP engagements.

☐  The firm has expertise in every facet of an ERP implementation.

☐  The firm is valued for its thought leadership and contributions to the ERP industry.

☐  The firm is renowned as a pioneering and innovative force in the ERP industry.

Weigh the amount or absence of checkmarks according to your own organization’s culture, values and project parameters and think carefully Guide to Choosing an ERP Implementation Partnerabout the results. Don’t be intimidated about asking the hard questions: ERP implementation specialists are sales-oriented as a rule. Be sure to filter out the canned responses and search for truth. Click through to access our ERP implementation service offering or implementation services for the following solutions:

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