ERP Business Blueprint

Before you have even selected an ERP system, it is critical to define how it will support your business. Today’s ERP software packages are extremely robust, flexible, and provide a multitude of potential business process variations. Panorama’s ERP Business Blueprint services will help ensure that you are select and implement the software in a way that supports your business operations and organization, ultimately saving you time, money, and risk while increasing business benefits.

Below are some of the activities that Panorama will guide you through during the ERP Business Blueprint phase of your project.

ERP Business Blueprint Activities

  • Finalize contract negotiations, including terms and conditions
  • Develop a detailed implementation project plan, including scope, activities, milestones, and resources
  • Conduct a risk assessment and risk mitigation plan
  • Establish the project core team, project charter, and project controls
  • Define software vendor technical scope and system requirements
  • Define business process workflows, identify improvements, and start implementing process changes
  • Define roles and responsibilities in the new ERP system environment
  • Conduct an organizational readiness assessment to gauge employees’ ability to adapt to the new system
  • Define a business benefits realization plan, including KPIs and performance improvements
  • Manage technical infrastructure upgrade plan
  • Develop a data standardization and migration plan
  • Create a migration plan for forms and reports

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