Meet Our Independent ERP Consultants

Although we can’t highlight every member of our extensive team of global ERP consultants, below is a selection of biographies to give an idea of the caliber of talent we have at Panorama.

Each of our independent ERP consultants is trained in our proprietary PERFECT™ software selection, implementation and benefits realization methodologies to ensure consistency and quality of services during every engagement. Our consultants’ competencies are impressive and include MBAs, EMBAs and Six Sigma certifications, as well as extensive knowledge of ERP software, project management, lean manufacturing, IT strategy and organizational change management. Globally, Panorama has more than 100 skilled resources specializing in ERP software consulting, business process reengineering and organizational change management. In addition, we have a vast network of several hundred technical resources to augment our team and provide clients with unmatched quality, consistency, dedication and focus.

Supporting Team Members