Chemical Products Software

Chemical manufacturers require an ERP software solution with robust functionality specific to batch production and process manufacturing environments. The software must include inherent regulatory compliance with strong chemical inventory software functionality such as recall management, forward and backward lot traceability and quality control. In addition, the software must provide complete security with advanced reporting capabilities and full audit trails.

Chemical Products Software Functional Requirements

  • Laboratory management
  • Formulations and recipes
  • Scalable batches
  • Strong inventory management
  • Certificate of analysis (COA) generation
  • Bi-directional lot tracking
  • Expiration date tracking
  • Recall management
  • Audit trails and reporting

As we have discovered in our experience with more than 150 ERP solutions, each ERP software package has its strengths and weaknesses. We track our extensive selection and implementation experience with various enterprise systems in our proprietary ERP Solutions Database.  Below is a summary of a small sub-set of data from that database, which our project teams use to help clients select the right ERP software for their organizations.

This table identifies the generalized functional strengths of each of the listed ERP solutions for chemical products manufacturing and distribution. Our ERP software selection process leverages more detailed information from our database to conduct a more thorough assessment of software fit with each client’s business requirements.

ERP Software Packages for Chemical Products Manufacturing and Distribution

Chemical Software FunctionalityMicrosoft
Chempax CS/VBOracle EBSInfor Adage 5.03SAP ERP 6.0
Standard ERP Functions
General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts PayableHighHighHighHighHigh
Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)HighHighHighHighHigh
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)HighHighHighHighHigh
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)HighHighHighHighHigh
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)MediumHighHighHighHigh
Advance Shipment Notice (ASN)MediumHighHighHighHigh
Auto Pricing & Auto SchedulingHighHighHighHighHigh
Bar CodingHighHighHighHighHigh
Document ManagementHighHighHighHighHigh
Key Differentiating Requirements
Batch Process / Finite Scheduling ManufacturingHighHighHighHighHigh
Web Portal (Price Updates, Customer Service, Sales and Warehouse Support)HighHighHighHigh
Rebates and Rebate AccrualsHighHighHighHighHigh
Integrated Capacity and Staffing PlanningHighHighHighHighHigh
Label ManagementLowHighHighMediumHigh
Recipes and Formula ManagementHighHighHighHighHigh
Scalable Batch Calculation and ManagementHighHighHighHighHigh
Lot and Batch Tracking (Products, Equipment, Employees, etc.)HighHighHighHighHigh
Electronic Bulletin Board biddingHighLowHighHighHigh
Unit of Measure Conversion (Specific Gravity, Different Packaging Sizes)LowHighHighHighHigh
Multiple Location Production Scheduling (Internal and Subcontract)HighHighHighHighHigh
Multiple Inventory Warehouses (Internal and External)HighHighHighHighHigh
Manage Subcontract Toll ManufacturersHighHighHighHighHigh
Ability to Export Data in Industry Standard FormatsHighHighHighHighHigh
Functional Specific Requirements
Business DevelopmentHighLowHighHighMedium
Customer ServiceMediumMediumHighHighMedium
Forecasting and Production SchedulingMediumHighHighHighHigh
Production PlanningMediumHighHighHighHigh
Work in Process Inventory (WIP)HighHighHighHighHigh
Financial Management, Accounts Receivable, Accounts PayableHighHighHighHighHigh
Human Resources Management (HR)HighLowHighHighHigh
Return Material Authorization (RMA)HighHighHighHighHigh
Quality Control and Laboratory (QC)HighHighHighHighHigh
Research and Development (R&D)HighHighHighHighHigh
Regulatory ComplianceHighHighHighHighHigh
Disclaimer: For illustrative purposes only. Assessment for your unique needs may vary based on specific business processes and requirements. You will want to develop more detailed requirements as part of your software evaluation and selection process.

Panorama’s ERP consultants provide a complete service offering that can assist your organization throughout the process of ERP selectionERP implementation and organizational change management.

Our consultants are aware of the potential pitfalls of ERP selection projects and can help hedge against project cost overruns, software that is misaligned with business needs, and lack of return on investment. Panorama’s team has industry-specific expertise that helps achieve measurable business improvements.

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