Mock ERP Selection Project

The decision has finally been made to say goodbye to your old legacy system. Now that you have determined you need new ERP software, are you ready for the challenge?

The task of executing a successful ERP software selection project is many times more difficult that one might imagine. Not every project team leader is up for the task or ready for the hurdles and questions that come up along the way. Test your ERP selection skill-set by taking Panorama’s Mock ERP Selection Project Quiz. Ten simple questions will help determine if you are ready to turn the project into a successful implementation that provides a solid return on investment for your company.

Mock ERP Selection Project Quiz

You are considering multiple ERP solutions for your new ERP system.  Which of the following criteria should you focus on when considering vendors and their potential ERP software solutions?

You are considering two external consultants to help guide you through your ERP evaluation project. Consultant # 1 is a local technology consultant with some ERP expertise.  Consultant # 2 is a national ERP consulting firm that specializes in ERP consulting.  They have significant amount of experience with ERP selection and implementation, but are also more expensive and they are not local.  Which consultant should you select?

You've documented your requirements and your team has created a good demo script that you've presented to your list of ERP vendors to follow.  Unfortunately, you are working with a software vendor that refuses to follow the demo script created by your project team.  However, based on what you know so far, the vendor’s ERP solution looks to be a potentially strong fit with your organization. What should you do?

You are trying to narrow down a long-list and short-list of potential ERP software solutions for your organization.   A colleague in your industry uses a particular ERP software package and is very happy with it. What should you do?  Do you take your colleague's suggestion or should you shop around and go off your own criteria set?

You are speaking with SAP and Oracle about their ERP offerings and they have reminded you that they have larger ERP customer install bases than most ERP solutions on the market.  After thinking about this further, you are now concerned about the risk associated with Tier II or Tier III ERP vendors and these smaller ERP vendors' long-term viability. So what should you do?

Your board of directors is leaning heavily toward a Tier I ERP software solution.  Their main concern is functional fit and scalability of the chosen ERP solution. What should you do?

Early in your ERP evaluation process, one of your preferred ERP vendors offers to discount their ERP software license list price by nearly 50%.  Of course, with any really good offer, there is a time constraint. To get the discount, you need to commit by the end of the month, which is well before you planned to have your evaluation complete. What should you do?

One of the Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors insists their ERP solution is lower cost than other traditional ERP solutions that you are considering.  Their ERP software is as good as a fit as traditional ERP solutions under consideration. If cost were the biggest driver in your decision, what should you do?

You are a $250M company with 300 employees spread across three different locations.  You have received proposals from your three short-list ERP vendors and each ERP vendor has indicated that they can complete implementation in less than six months. What should you do?

One of your project team members suggests that you conduct an organizational readiness assessment during your ERP evaluation and selection process.  However, another team member thinks that it is too early and that organizational change management activities don’t need to start until the start of implementation. What should you do?