ERP Vendor and Contract Negotiations

Perhaps you have already chosen your preferred ERP vendor, but you’re not sure how to move forward with price and contract negotiations. The Panorama team, augmented by legal experts that specialize in ERP contracts and litigation, helps negotiate optimal short- and long-term costs. This service offering is designed to protect clients from disadvantageous contract terms, legal risk and potential lawsuits in the future.

Using our extensive negotiating experience and independent research into ERP implementations across the globe, we begin by benchmarking your ERP vendor’s proposed contract terms to organizations similar to yours.

Items Addressed in our ERP Vendor and Contract Negotiation Service Offering

  • ERP software licenses, professional service, and annual maintenance costs
  • Hosting or SaaS pricing options
  • Definition of client vs. ERP vendor roles and responsibilities
  • Clarify and negotiate assumptions behind ERP project scope and statement of work
  • ERP contract terms and conditions
  • Legal and contractual risk assessment

Our clients have found that our negotiating leverage and expertise saves them an average of several times our consulting fee for this service.

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