Software as a Service (SaaS) Selection

Given the potential cost advantages and relative ease of implementation of software as a service (SaaS), more companies are considering SaaS ERP, CRM, and enterprise software solutions. Small businesses in particular often find SaaS software to be viable options for their manufacturing software, CRM, supply chain management, HR and financial management software solutions. Salesforce, Plex Systems, Workday and Kinaxis are just a few examples among dozens of the SaaS business software available on the market.

Panorama’s extensive experience with both SaaS and cloud business software options can help you find the right SaaS solution for your organization. Using an accelerated and modified version of our PERFECT Fit™ ERP selection methodology and toolset, we can help you complete the necessary tasks to make your project a success.

Elements of a Software as a Service or SaaS Selection Project

  • Define your business requirements and match to potential SaaS software options
  • Identify a long-list and short-list of SaaS ERP, CRM, manufacturing, supply chain management, or financial management software options
  • Review SaaS software options relative to your specific business requirements
  • Choose the SaaS ERP software most suited for your business
  • Develop an integration and solution architecture model for your chosen SaaS solution(s)
  • Define the costs, benefits, and ROI model for your SaaS software investment
  • Create an implementation plan for your SaaS ERP implementation

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