Define and Analyze Business Processes and Requirements

Panorama conducts cross-functional workshops with key client team-members and stakeholders to define, validate and prioritize key business processes and business requirements. Using Panorama’s ERP Business Process Inventory as a starting point, these processes and requirements are used to determine key evaluation criteria to measure potential ERP vendors’ ability to meet client needs. The definition and documentation of these processes and requirements are intended to define how the client would like to run its business moving forward regardless of which ERP system it chooses; the intent is not to define transactional levels of detail that will be largely driven by the chosen ERP software.

In addition, the team works with the client to define the following:

  • Long-term strategic goals and objectives, including growth targets, anticipated M&A activities, etc.
  • Key performance indicators used to manage its operations
  • Process pain points and opportunities for improvement
  • Prioritized ERP business requirements (the highest-priority requirements providing the evaluation criteria to identify other potential short-list candidates as appropriate)
  • Most appropriate ERP strategy, such as level of customization, deployment option, best-of-breed vs. ERP, etc.

Once the client’s business processes and requirements are defined, they are translated into demonstration scripts, which are used by short-list vendors to demonstrate their products. They also create the foundation for employee vendor evaluation surveys, which are deployed later in the project via Panorama’s proprietary online tools.