PERFECT Fit ERP Selection Methodology

Our PERFECT Fit™ ERP software selection methodology analyzes data regarding each client’s unique business and technical requirements against viable ERP software solutions to help companies understand all of the options as well as the associated costs, risks and benefits of each choice. This is done through a comprehensive evaluation based on seven primary areas:

  • Process review
  • Workplace environment
  • Business requirements
  • Financial considerations and limitations
  • ERP system evaluation
  • Change readiness
  • Quantifiable benefits realization

As part of our analysis, we harness the resources of our team’s extensive knowledge of the ERP market, as well as our ERP solutions database, business requirements database, quantitative analysis model, 30-point technology assessment, organizational readiness assessment, and benefits realization plan to find the ideal ERP software for each client.

Key Tasks

This approach helps companies best plan and prepare for a new ERP system, forces competing software vendors to address specific business needs, and identifies the total cost of ownership of ERP packages. With PERFECT Fit™, there are no surprises.

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