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What is Business Process Management (and What Does it Have to do With ERP)?

It’s unlikely that someone would go on a long journey without first procuring a map and planning their route. People have an easy time visualizing a destination when planning their route but don’t understand the pitfalls that lie in the journey. Business process management is the roadmap to the destination of a successful ERP implementation. […]

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Business and Technology Predictions for the Year 2020

A man by the name of Dennis Gabor once said, “We cannot predict the future, but we can invent it.” In the ERP industry we have the ability to look at data collected over the last several years to see where trends are shaping the future of enterprise resource planning. Late last year we published […]

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Is Your ERP Consultant Biased?

As I was starting my holiday shopping this past weekend, I had an interesting experience at one particular store. The friendly salesperson accompanied me around their store for an entire hour as I attempted to pick out gifts for my family and friends. She made great suggestions and steered me away from some “bad choices.” […]

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How Lean is Your Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a phrase that encompasses lean manufacturing and six sigma process improvements into one overall management strategy. In order to understand how your company should embrace these principles, you must first understand the components of Lean Six Sigma and business process reengineering, particularly in the context of an ERP implementation. Efficiency and […]

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Five Qualities of an Effective Project Manager

Throughout my career, I have seen both great and not-so-great project managers. I have worked with clients who had billions of dollars at stake and could face severe liquidated damages if their products and services were not delivered on time, on schedule and within budget. If a company has a weak project manager, the company’s […]

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Business Process Reengineering: Current vs. Future State

Business process reengineering and improvement is one of the most critical aspects of an ERP implementation. In fact, according to our 2014 Business Process Management Report, organizations that effectively define and document business process improvements as part of their enterprise software initiatives are much more likely to complete their projects on-time and on-budget. Additionally, they […]

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How to Create a 360 Degree Approach to ERP Through IV&V

Recently I learned what goes into making a delicious, homemade pie.  One of the most important tricks to a good pie is consistency. This ensures that all of the ingredients are accurately added and evenly distributed. Unfortunately, the disproportion of any ingredient can change the overall success of a pie.  Coincidentally, what dictates the success […]

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Linking Business Process Reengineering to Organizational (and ERP) Strategy

What are some of your ERP goals? Are you striving for lower labor costs? Improved customer service? How about overall growth? Whatever your company’s destination, well-designed business processes are the key to driving organizational strategy and achieving business goals during an ERP implementation. If ERP success and improved organizational performance is your desired destination, then […]

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Five Tips for Keeping Your ERP Implementation On-Schedule

A successful and on-time ERP project never happens by accident. Behind every successful public sector ERP implementation there is a project manager who has taken the time to define project scope, assess resource commitment and set expectations and priorities. Although keeping a large-scale ERP project on-schedule is challenging for even the best project manager, we […]

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YouTube: Top Ten Predictions for the ERP Industry in 2015 – Part 5

This webinar clip covers two of the top ten predictions for the ERP industry as presented by ERP experts, Eric Kimberling of Panorama and Michael Krigsman of ZDNet and CxOTalk. This is the final installment of this mini series. The full webinar recording is available here: Top Ten Predicitons for the ERP Industry in 2015. […]

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