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Setting Realistic Expectations for Your ERP Project

When an ERP implementation is headed for failure, the warning signs are present early in the implementation process. Unfortunately, this is when warning signs are most likely to go unnoticed. Often, it’s not until a week before go-live that organizations realize they should have set more realistic project goals. If your organization can maintain realistic expectations throughout […]

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Three Ways to Recover From Your Failed ERP Implementation

Recovering from a failing project is an incredibly difficult process. It can require a change in project scope, a hard look at requirements, an introduction of new methodologies and clear project controls. In some extreme situations, the project team and consultants may need to be replaced.  After a sobering, no holds barred assessment; the following actions […]

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What to Do When Your Company Won’t Approve a New ERP System

Last week, I wrote a blog about why there is never a good time to start an ERP implementation. While these reasons are all valid, some organizations just aren’t going to be able to stomach the cost and risk of a new ERP system with an uncertain economic environment. For those organizations that are in […]

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Four Tips for ERP Success That I Learned From My Cat

I recently took a trip home to visit my cat and my family, but mainly my cat. My cat, Ketzel, demonstrates all of the stereotypical cat behaviors: the ability to sleep 27 hours a day, a strange obsession with toilet paper rolls and the uncanny talent to completely disregard your existence. Although cats are not […]

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Five Differences: ERP Failure vs Car Crash

Contrary to the beliefs of many, an ERP implementation is far more than a large IT project. It affects stakeholders in every functional area, and if it fails, it has dramatic consequences throughout an organization. With that said, an ERP failure is not unlike a car crash. Both are disasters that leave trauma and retrospection […]

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Justifying the Cost of an ERP implementation

Do you want to impress your boss? How about making your organization more effective and profitable? You could put in 100 hours a week and sleep in your office but I recommend working smarter rather than harder. One way to work smarter is by improving your organization’s business processes. You can increase your organization’s effectiveness […]

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ERP Communication Tactics That You Might Not Have Considered

Developing the right communications strategy for an ERP implementation can present a major organizational challenge. This is especially true when navigating the hazardous waters of organizational politics. Creative ERP communications tactics can make or break your ability to successfully implement an ERP system. Following are six ERP communication tactics that you may have overlooked: 1.   […]

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Why There’s Never a Good Time to Start Your ERP Software Implementation

“Employees have a lot on their plates right now.” “Some of the executives are taking vacations this summer.” “We don’t know if we can get the budget approved.” “Now’s just a bad time.” “Let’s wait to see what happens with the economy.” Sound familiar? These are many of the reasons we hear companies say why […]

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How to Find the Captain America for Your Vendor Negotiation

Like Captain Steve Rogers (AKA Captain America), it is imperative to find a consulting firm that never compromises on communications. Whether you’re doing a new ERP implementation for S.H.I.E.L.D. or for your government agency, Panorama Government Solutions (PGS) maintains solid communications with you and the vendors. We are attentive to your specific issues and respond […]

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Three Tough Questions to Ask Your ERP Vendor Before Go-Live

ERP implementations never go quite as you might expect. Not only do most of them take longer, cost more and fail to deliver business benefits when compared to expectations, but they can also create operational disruptions at go-live. According to our 2016 ERP Report, roughly half of all ERP implementations create some sort of material […]

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