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The Seven Deadly Sins of ERP Project Management

The Consultants' Corner July 25, 2014 0

Almost all project management disasters have a common pathology. Even if the participants are well-intentioned, the same issues surface in the after-action reviews of failed projects. Poor project management is composed of seven common

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Does Your IT Strategy Make Sense for Your Organization?

Eric Kimberling July 23, 2014 1

ERP implementations often lack a strategic framework, and according to our 2014 ERP Report, take longer than expected, cost more than expected and fail to deliver expected business benefits. We’ve found in our years

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Selecting an ERP System That Helps Serve Citizens

The Consultants' Corner July 22, 2014 0

A few weeks ago I had an experience with the local DMV which has led me to believe that their current systems are less effective than a Viking battle helmet with the horns on

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YouTube: 20 Tips For ERP Selection

Panorama Consulting Solutions July 21, 2014 0

This webinar clip provides 20 ERP selection tips to consider before your organization begins an ERP implementation. View the full webinar here: ERP Software Selection Success: Ten Tips From the Pros at Panorama. Visit our

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YouTube: Checklist for Deciding Between SaaS and On-premise ERP

Panorama Consulting Solutions July 18, 2014 0

Over the last several years, an increasing number of organizations are turning to cloud ERP systems to replace their on-premise solutions. This webinar clip includes a checklist for determining which deployment option makes the

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Five ERP Implementation Lessons From Summer Vacation

Eric Kimberling July 16, 2014 0

These summer months provide many of us with good reasons to slow down and relax. Whether it be summer vacations, time at the beach, or enjoying the longer days, many of us find the

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Using Technology to Increase Public Sector Innovation

The Consultants' Corner July 15, 2014 0

Public sector technology has brought us to a unique time in history. Government organizations now have the opportunity to take advantage of cost-effective innovation that delivers a high return on citizenship (ROC). Due to

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Tuesday Poll: Deadly Sins of ERP Implementations

Panorama Consulting Solutions July 15, 2014 0

According to our 2014 ERP Report, about one-third of respondents said that they were unsatisfied with their ERP project. There are many factors that may cause unsatisfactory ERP implementations. What do you think is

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Setting Realistic Expectations for Your ERP Project

Jennifer Aldrich July 14, 2014 0

When an ERP implementation is headed for failure, the warning signs are present early in the implementation process. Unfortunately, this is when warning signs are most likely to go unnoticed. Often, it’s not until

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Is a Best-of-Breed ERP System Right For Your Organization?

Jennifer Aldrich July 11, 2014 0

If you could combine all of your favorite dog breeds into one loveable canine, you’d have a mutt. If you combined your favorite modules from various ERP vendors, you’d create a lovable ERP system

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