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Four Key Areas of Business Process Management

Industry leaders don’t achieve or keep their positions merely through clever strategies or financial engineering; they do so through superior execution of exceptional processes. Industry leaders use business process management (BPM) to deliver rapid and sustainable business value to their operations. BPM is the understanding, visibility and continuous performance improvement of an organization’s business processes, […]

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Local Leadership: A Key Factor in Long-Term Recovery

Federal and state governments across the U.S. are becoming better prepared for natural disasters. They work to ensure extensive destruction is avoided or minimized by planning and preparing for such events, as well as providing funding and guidance for a long-term recovery and mitigation after a disaster has occurred. Even with this, there is still […]

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Which Type of ERP System is Right for You?

There are a multitude of options to choose from when looking for new ERP systems.  SaaS, cloud, on premise, best of breed, single ERP and a host of other options can make the ERP selection and implementation process overwhelming. The bad news? There is no one size fits all answer to determining the right type […]

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Podcast: Findings From Panorama’s 2016 ERP Report


Panorama’s 2016 ERP Report summarizes our independent research into the experiences of software customers with regard to enterprise systems, vendors, consultants and overall implementations. Join January Paulk, Director of Organizational Change and Business Process Management, for a summary of ERP market data that will help your organization benchmark against other ERP projects. View More Podcasts […]

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Leadership Lessons from Successful Manufacturers

Manufacturers are critical to economic growth – even while commodity-based manufacturing is outsourced to other countries in exchange for the higher-value manufacturing currently experiencing a renaissance. Despite their importance, manufacturing companies aren’t created equally. Some are more profitable than others, some are more established while others are more innovative with higher growth prospects. In most […]

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Are You Really Ready For ERP Go-Live?

You’re getting close to your “go or no-go” date, but how do you know if your organization is really ready? It’s easy to get ahead of yourself in anticipation of all the potential business benefits you will receive from your new ERP system, and it’s not uncommon to forget the fundamental ERP project tasks that […]

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Projects Don’t Have to be so Grim: The Fun Side of ERP Implementations

Let’s face it. The thought of going through the selection and implementation of a new ERP software system for your organization is about as appealing as having your wisdom teeth pulled. It can be excruciatingly painful if leadership and team members don’t buy-in to the project. In most cases making the commitment to upgrade software […]

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Making Benefits Less Elusive, the KPI Way

All organizations undertake ERP implementations for essentially the same reason: they expect to achieve efficiency gains. Yet 59% of organizations that undergo an ERP implementation realize less than 50% of the expected business benefits. While the complexity and scale of ERP implementations make immediate benefits realization unlikely, many firms fail to achieve these gains even […]

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Playing Safe is Risky: Five Ways to Manage Risk in Your ERP Implementation

“Playing safe is risky.” That is one of my favorite quotes from business author and guru Seth Godin. While it may sound like an oxymoron, it makes sense when you think through terms of being innovative in your workspace. Earlier this week, I was part of a panel discussion in front of a few hundred […]

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Navigating the Stages of Public Sector ERP Stress

With the anticipation of a complex project like an ERP implementation, it is vital to both understand and plan for the stages of stress that your organization and its employees will undergo. The three stages of ERP stress are not very different from the stages of stress in other areas of our lives. During a […]

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