Industrial Products Software

The industrial products industry is broad and diverse. Products range from chemicals and fasteners to ladders and lifts. The manufacturing and distribution of these products requires a flexible, robust ERP software solution that can manage a variety of product types at any given time. The ERP software must have a fully integrated warehouse management system and a strong inventory management software functionality

Industrial distributors require an ERP solution that is capable of managing all aspects of sales, order entry, accounting, purchasing, finance and inventory, while also being easy-to-use and easy to deploy across multiple locations.

Industrial Products Software Requirements

  • Customer relationship management
  • Point of sale (POS software)
  • Flexible order management
  • Pricing and promotions
  • Inventory management
  • Kitting and assembly
  • Serial number tracking and lot control
  • Warranty tracking
  • Warehouse management system
  • Consignment inventory

As we have discovered in our experience with more than 150 ERP solutions, each ERP software package has its strengths and weaknesses.  We track our extensive ERP selection and implementation experience with various enterprise systems in our proprietary ERP Solutions Database. Below is a summary of a small sub-set of data from that database, which our project teams use to help clients select the right ERP software for their organizations.

This table identifies the generalized industry strengths of each of the listed ERP solutions. Our selection process leverages more detailed information from our database to conduct a more thorough assessment of software fit with each client’s business requirements.

ERP Software Packages for Industrial Products

Industrial Products
ERP Software Functionality
Standard Accounting FunctionalityHighHighHighHighHighHigh
Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)HighHighHighHighHighHigh
Product ConfiguratorHighHighMediumHighHighHigh
Electronics Data Interchange (EDI)HighMediumHighHighHighHigh
Payroll FunctionalityHighHighMediumHighMediumHigh
Human Resource Management (HRIS)HighHighHighHighHigh
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)HighHighHighHighHighHigh
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)HighHighHighHighHighHigh
PM - Project Management ModuleHighHighHighHighHighHigh
Quoting CapabilityHighHighHighHighHighHigh
Advance Shipment Notice (ASN)HighHighHighHighHighHigh
Reporting with Drill Down CapabilitiesHighHighHighHighHighHigh
Auto Pricing and Auto SchedulingHighHighHighHighHighHigh
Bar Code CapabilityHighHighHighHighHighHigh
Document Management SystemHighHighLowHighHighHigh
Support Multiple Business Units and Market SegmentsHighHighHighHighHighHigh
Support Multiple Units of Measure and ConversionsHighHighHighHighHighHigh
Support and Provide Visibility to Multiple Warehouse LocationsHighHighHighHighHighHigh
Support Gated R&D Process and Commercialization and De-commercializationHighHighHighHighHighHigh
Manage a Single Batch ProcessHighHighHighHighHighHigh
Track and Report VATHighHighHighHighHighHigh
A Kitting Module that Rolls into BOM and WIP Including Shop Floor Tracking, Quality Control Data, and Defect Yield PercentagesHighHighHighHighHighHigh
User Defined Workflows AcrEss Functional Areas with Multiple Approval Loops and electronic SignoffsHighHighHighHighHighHigh
Portfolio Tool for R&D Review and EvaluationHighHighHighHighHighHigh
Production SchedulingHighHighHighHighHighHigh
Operations and ProductionHighHighMediumHighHighHigh
Customer ServiceHighMediumHighHighHighHigh
Product ConfiguratorHighHighHighHighHighHigh
Finance, Accounts Receivable, Accounts PayableHighHighHighMediumHighHigh
Sales and MarketingHighHighHighHighHighHigh
Quality Control, Quality SystemsHighHighHighHighHighHigh
Payroll and HRHighHighLowHighMediumHigh
Shipping and ReceivingMediumHighHighHighHighMedium
Research and DevelopmentHighHighHighHighHighHigh
Disclaimer: For illustrative purposes only. Assessment for your unique needs may vary based on specific business processes and requirements. You will want to develop more detailed requirements as part of your software evaluation and selection process.

Panorama’s ERP consultants provide a complete service offering that can assist your organization throughout the process of ERP selectionERP implementation and organizational change management.

Our consultants are aware of the potential pitfalls of ERP selection projects and can help hedge against project cost overruns, software that is misaligned with business needs, and lack of return on investment. The ERP team has industry specific expertise that helps achieve measurable business improvements.

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