Order Management Software

Regardless of industry segment, order management software functionality is key to an organization’s success. A large portion of many ERP software selection projects is dedicated to documenting order entry requirements and reviewing an ERP supplier’s order management software functionality.

Order management software drives order processing and fulfillment by facilitating quick and accurate sales order entry. In many business environments, this functional area is a critical piece of the overall operations. Since order management requirements vary greatly by industry, an ERP solution’s available functionality will quickly short-list or eliminate potential ERP software vendors. High-end functionality like online product configuration, available to promise data, and multi-facility sales orders will differentiate one solution provider from another. Documenting must have features within the order management software will be required for driving the ERP selection project to ultimate success.

Panorama’s ERP consultants provide a complete service offering that can assist your organization throughout the process of ERP selectionERP implementation, and organizational change management.

Our consultants are aware of the potential pitfalls of ERP selection projects and can help hedge against project cost overruns, software that is misaligned with business needs, and lack of return on investment. In addition, the ERP team has significant expertise in wholesale distribution, retail and manufacturing based environments, so they understand the operational differences and software requirements between the business models.