2015 ERP Report

Many Projects On or Under Budget, but ERP Failure Still on the Rise


2015 ERP Report Sidebar 2While nearly half of organizations (45-percent) reported that their ERP projects were on or under budget, the number of reported ERP failures increased by five-percent since last year. There are many factors that contribute to the success of an ERP software initiative. The 2015 ERP Report explores these factors and presents an independent analysis of ERP implementation costs, durations and the achievement of business benefits from both domestic and multinational organizations of varying sizes. The report also discusses findings on ERP vendor selection, the role of ERP consultants along with satisfaction and success ratings.

Data was collected, in part, through survey responses on our website, and in part, through partnership with Cindy Jutras, an unbiased, third-party analyst. Information was collected from February 2014 to March 2015. The data from this report, taken from 562 participants from across the globe, provides compelling data helpful to those beginning an enterprise software initiative.*

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*The data in this report combined two data sets, and therefore, may not match that published by Mint Jutras. For example, some survey questions were included in Panorama’s survey, but not by Mint Jutras and will not be found in other reports.