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Social Media Usage

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Company Profile

Date Founded:
Organization Type:  Public Private
Number of Employees:
Sales Method:  Direct VAR
Geographical Coverage:  National International

Customer Base

Recommended Number of Users:  1-20 21-100 101-1,000 1,000+
Revenue Target:  SOHO SMB/SME Large/Fortune 500
Industry Experience:
Sample Customers:
Number of Users (Organizations):
Active Users Community:  No Yes
Annual Users Conference:  No Yes

Product Information

Product Name(s):
Deployment Options:  Traditional SaaS Both
Open Source:  Yes No
Source Code:  Provided Not Available Held in Escrow
Number of Updates Per Year:  1 2 3 4+
Focus:  Manufacturing Distribution Service
Manufacturing Environments:  Discrete Process Mixed-Mode Repetitive Job Shop

Manufacturing Modes:
 Make-to-Stock Make-to-Order Configure-to-Order Assemble-to-Order Engineer-to-Order
Available Functional Modules:
 General Ledger Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable Budgeting Financial Report Writer Fixed Assets Planning Forecasting Purchasing Inventory Control Warehousing Bar Coding and Data Collection Lot Control and Recall Management Production Scheduling Job Control Production Recording Machine Maintenance Marketing Management Telesales Management Customer Relationship Management Quoting and Estimating Order Management EDI Human Resources Time and Attendance Payroll Business Intelligence Dashboards System Administration

User Information

Traditional Deployment
Minimum Number of Users/Sale:
Maximum Number of Users/Sale:
Average Number of Users/Sale:
SaaS Deployment Model
Minimum Number of Users/Sale:
Maximum Number of Users/Sale:
Average Number of Users/Sale:

Costing Information (USD Only)

Traditional Deployment (List is One Time Charge)
Pricing Model:  Concurrent Named Modular Unlimited
Concurrent User List Price:
Named User List Price:
Unlimited User List Price:
List Price/User for Average Modules Purchased:
Average Price/User for Database:
Average Price/User for Add On Packages:
Average Implementation Costs (1:1, 1:2, etc.):
Annual Maintenance Fees (% of License Fees):
SaaS Deployment Model
Monthly SaaS Fees (Fixed):
Monthly SaaS Fees (Per User):

Company Description

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Supplemental Information

Vendors are welcome to submit screen prints, white papers, brochures or literature, company presentations, and event information via the below attachment option or via email to If desired, these documents will be made available as part of the vendor's profile information posted online.

In addition, vendors may submit press releases at any time to or provide an RSS feed for updates.

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