On-demand ERP Webinars

Register today to enjoy fast, free access to our ERP webinar series. Presented by Eric Kimberling, managing partner of Panorama Consulting Solutions and renowned ERP expert, these hour-long presentations include advice and best practices related to ERP system selection, implementation and benefits realization.

Recent joint webinars:

Recent webinars on ERP software selection, ERP implementation, ERP industry trends and topics, and organizational change include:

  • Lessons Learned From Best-in-Class Infor Implementations
  • Confessions of an SAP Expert Witness
  • The Importance of Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)
  • Panorama’s ERP Vendor Showdown: Upper Tier II ERP Vendors in the Manufacturing and Distribution Industry
  • Selecting the Best Catalyst for Your Business…ERP for Specialty Chemical
  • Review of Panorama’s 2014 ERP Report
  • Organizational Change Management in the Manufacturing Industry
  • Preview of Panorama’s 2014 ERP Report
  • Lessons Learned From Failed ERP Implementations
  • The Path to ERP Implementation Planning
  • An Effective Organizational Change Management Approach
  • ERP Selection and Implementation for Industrial Manufacturers
  • Review of Panorama s 2014 Manufacturing ERP Report
  • Using Price Optimization to Offset ERP Implementation Costs
  • Social, Mobile, Cloud – The New Era of ERP Solutions
  • ERP Vendor Showdown webinar series
  • Clash of the Titans 2014: SAP vs. Oracle vs. Microsoft Dynamics
  • Five Key Organizational Change Management Challenges With ERP Implementations
  • Business Process Reengineering: A Key Component of ERP ROI
  • Organizational Change Management: A Critical (and Often Overlooked) ERP Implementation Success Factor
  • Tips for Selecting the Right ERP Software for Your Organization
  • ERP Project Planning
  • Review of Panorama’s 2013 ERP Report: Organizational Change and Business Process Management
  • The Difference Between ERP Blueprinting and Business Process Management
  • Lessons Learned From Best-in-Class ERP Implementations
  • What the Emergence of SaaS and Cloud ERP Technology Really Means for Your Organization . . . and Your Job
  • Six Sigma Quick Hits
  • Review of Panorama’s 2013 ERP Report
  • Making Employees Fall for Your New ERP System
  • Top Ten Predictions for the ERP Industry in 2013
  • The Straight Story on ERP Implementation Planning
  • Epicor Success: Implementation Best Practices From Industry Experts
  • Understanding the Differences Between Leading ERP Software
  • Crossing the ERP Adoption Gap
  • Review of Panorama’s 2012 ERP Report
  • Tips on How to Build a Business Blueprint for ERP Systems
  • Overview of Panorama’s 2011 ERP Report
  • Ten Things Every CIO Should Know About ERP Systems
  • Lessons Learned from Marin County’s ERP Failure

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