Rapid ERP Selection and ERP Implementation

Some small- to mid-size businesses (SMBs) are able to select and implement an ERP system in a much shorter timeframe and at a lower cost than larger and more established counterparts. In these cases, our SMB clients will hire us to select and implement a full ERP solution in a short timeframe, typically in 6 to 9 months or less.

Our rapid ERP selection and implementation approach, which is based on our PERFECT Fit and PERFECT Path methodologies for larger organizations, allows SMBs to quickly evaluate, select, and implement an ERP system that will best meet their business needs while minimizing the impact on day-to-day operations.

Activities within our Rapid ERP Selection and ERP Implementation

  • Define high-level business requirements, based on best practices from other similar organizations
  • Determine the most appropriate short-list based on unique business requirements
  • Select the right software based on functional, technical, and cost considerations
  • Manage the implementation project for the selected ERP system
  • Define business processes and employee roles and responsibilities in the new ERP environment
  • Train employees on the new system
  • Manage data, reporting, and infrastructure improvements

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