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The Consultants’ Corner

Assessing ERP System Usability

An ERP project will succeed or fail based on a number of criteria, not the least of which is the system’s usability. Today’s end-users are accustomed to intuitive, easy to-use interfaces akin to what they experience when using technology in their daily lives. Whether it is an app on their tablet to buy concert tickets […]

Is Your ERP Consultant Biased?

As I was starting my holiday shopping this past weekend, I had an interesting experience at one particular store. The friendly salesperson accompanied me around their store for an entire hour as I attempted to pick out gifts for my family and friends. She made great suggestions and steered me away from some “bad choices.” […]

The Importance of IT Strategy

Dependent upon the size and growth of an organization, opinions on the importance of IT strategy can vary. A current audit of your organization’s infrastructure, staff and budget can give you a baseline to benchmark against during organizational and IT changes. Gathering quantitative and qualitative data regarding IT can be overwhelming if it is done […]

How Innovative is Your ERP Consultant?

Innovation is a hot buzzword in the public sector. As described by Rasmus Hansen and Jens Skibsted, “The new breed of innovation professionals can be placed in two categories: innovation custodians and innovation word-slingers. The custodians are middle managers assigned to oversee the innovators and their processes. The word-slingers are external consultants that will take corporate […]

When the CEO Says No to New ERP Software

You know that your organization’s business processes are inefficient, but your boss just said “no” to your plea for new ERP software.  What do you do? First, ask yourself, how did you propose the idea to your boss?  Was there a compelling vision for the system that is consistent with your organization’s vision? Did you […]

Is Your ERP Project Driving Innovation?

Organizations implementing ERP software are ultimately looking to improve their business productivity and efficiency through innovative technology. To achieve this goal, organizations should ensure that organizational changes promote their long-term business strategy. Companies that are hoping to maximize business benefits from their new ERP software must rethink their business processes and continuous improvement strategies in order to […]