The Consultants’ Corner

Is Your ERP Consultant Biased?

As I was starting my holiday shopping this past weekend, I had an interesting experience at one particular store. The friendly salesperson accompanied me around their store for an entire hour as I attempted to pick out gifts for my family and friends. She made great suggestions and steered me away from some “bad choices.” […]

How Lean is Your Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a phrase that encompasses lean manufacturing and six sigma process improvements into one overall management strategy. In order to understand how your company should embrace these principles, you must first understand the components of Lean Six Sigma and business process reengineering, particularly in the context of an ERP implementation. Efficiency and […]

When the CEO Says No to New ERP Software

You know that your organization’s business processes are inefficient, but your boss just said “no” to your plea for new ERP software.  What do you do? First, ask yourself, how did you propose the idea to your boss?  Was there a compelling vision for the system that is consistent with your organization’s vision? Did you […]

Developing a Successful Public Sector IT Strategy

A number of government organizations are considering the idea of merging internal IT departments and infrastructure by sharing service arrangements. There are financial savings and potential operational advantages to this approach. Relying on one, centralized IT organization ensures improved performance, better security measures and synergistic resilience. Due to budget pressures, changing work habits and citizens’ […]

The Importance of IT Strategy

Dependent upon the size and growth of an organization, opinions on the importance of IT strategy can vary. A current audit of your organization’s infrastructure, staff and budget can give you a baseline to benchmark against during organizational and IT changes. Gathering quantitative and qualitative data regarding IT can be overwhelming if it is done […]