The Consultants’ Corner

What E-Government Will Look Like in 5 Years

Traditionally, E-government or “e-Gov” encompasses the digital connectivity of government entities between multiple constituents. A vast majority of interactions are through online portals, but can also consist of other channels including instant messaging or internet forums. E-government can host a variety of participants including citizens, employees, businesses or other government agencies. Over the next five […]

How Innovative is Your ERP Consultant?

Innovation is a hot buzzword in the public sector. As described by Rasmus Hansen and Jens Skibsted, “The new breed of innovation professionals can be placed in two categories: innovation custodians and innovation word-slingers. The custodians are middle managers assigned to oversee the innovators and their processes. The word-slingers are external consultants that will take corporate […]

Defining Goals and Objectives for Your Government Agency

All types of organizations, from commercial to government, can benefit from an ERP implementation. Efficiency gains and increased data visibility are two outcomes of a successful ERP implementation that are not relegated to any particular type of organization. To achieve these outcomes, both private and public sector organizations should define goals and objectives during the […]

Four Key Areas of Business Process Management

Industry leaders don’t achieve or keep their positions merely through clever strategies or financial engineering; they do so through superior execution of exceptional processes. Industry leaders use business process management (BPM) to deliver rapid and sustainable business value to their operations. BPM is the understanding, visibility and continuous performance improvement of an organization’s business processes, […]

The Importance of e-Government

Once again, my trials and tribulations with the DMV have brought the importance of e-government to light.  This time, I was attempting to procure my driving record from three different states.  Needless to say, my experience with each of these states was vastly different.   In State A, I was able to request the record online […]