The Consultants’ Corner

Three Tips for Avoiding ERP Failure

All of us have participated in projects that have not gone as smoothly as we had hoped. Most of us will probably experience failed projects again in our lives because failure is part of the learning process both for individuals and organizations. However, not learning from mistakes and repeated patterns will cause projects to fail […]

Change Management Challenges in the Public Sector

Some would argue that change management strategies and tactics are synonymous across the public and private sector. While the overreaching principles are the same, each organization must take into account things like culture, unions, employee mindset and the abilities of leadership to drive changes. With ERP implementations we often find that resistance to change is […]

Five Ways to Keep Your ERP Project On-Schedule

A successful and on-time ERP project never happens by accident. Behind every successful public sector ERP implementation is a project manager who has taken the time to define project scope, assess resource commitment and set expectations and priorities. Although keeping a large-scale ERP project on-schedule is challenging for even the best project manager, we have several strategies […]

Lessons Learned From an Oil and Gas ERP Implementation

Recently, I was fortunate enough to participate in an ERP implementation for a publicly-owned oil and gas organization. Based on my observations during this project I identified four keys to ERP success in the oil and gas space that are applicable across various industries. 1. Relationships. A successful client-consultant relationship begins with organizational change management. Communication is the […]