The Consultants’ Corner

How Innovative is Your ERP Consultant?

Innovation is a hot buzzword in the public sector. As described by Rasmus Hansen and Jens Skibsted, “The new breed of innovation professionals can be placed in two categories: innovation custodians and innovation word-slingers. The custodians are middle managers assigned to oversee the innovators and their processes. The word-slingers are external consultants that will take corporate […]

The Importance of IT Strategy

Dependent upon the size and growth of an organization, opinions on the importance of IT strategy can vary. A current audit of your organization’s infrastructure, staff and budget can give you a baseline to benchmark against during organizational and IT changes. Gathering quantitative and qualitative data regarding IT can be overwhelming if it is done […]

Navigating the Three Stages of ERP Stress

A complex project like an ERP implementation will likely be a stressful experience. With this anticipation, it is important to understand and plan for the stages of stress that your organization and its employees will undergo. The three stages of ERP stress are not very different from the stages of stress in other areas of our lives. […]

Five Ways to Keep Your ERP Project On-Schedule

A successful and on-time ERP project never happens by accident. Behind every successful public sector ERP implementation is a project manager who has taken the time to define project scope, assess resource commitment and set expectations and priorities. Although keeping a large-scale ERP project on-schedule is challenging for even the best project manager, we have several strategies […]